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Back to basics

So, I've had plans for a lovely tall slim vase with beautiful curving sides for a while now. I can really picture it in my mind, and even in my sketchbook, but that's the easy bit! Anyone else had those plans and then realised they're just not ready?

As I'm mainly self taught I haven't followed a particular structure in learning how to throw. I've just 'thrown' myself into it (ha!). This means that along the way I have missed a few steps and picked up a bad habit or two. Every now and then this catches up with me and really trips me up, but I do usually learn something in the process.

I can consistently throw a pretty decent bowl or plate, but I never really did get the hang of those pesky cylinders, without which, you guessed it, I will not be able to make the vase of my dreamy imaginings.

Turns out that I need to go right back to the beginning and really nail those cylinders...

For the past week I have been cashing in on the intense focus that perhaps only an Autistic indulging in a special interest can have and I now have a studio full of cylinders.

Some tall, some short, some wide, some narrow, some more vertical than others, some downright awful and some - really good! Another week and maybe I'll be ready for the vase...once I've made some room amongst the cylinders.

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